Accelerating Generosity Towards
Your God-Inspired Vision.

Growing and improving a "culture of generosity" within your church starts with discipleship and growing people spiritually. We take the biblical principles and best practices on generosity, along with our 30+ years of experience of work in this area, and weave all of that together into strategies that align with your unique culture and DNA to grow generosity in your church. Your vision to make Jesus known to your community takes resources and I want to help you make that vision a reality. 




I have been working in the church world for over 32-years now. I feel what I bring to the table are abilities to help churches strategize vision, discover opportunities out of obstacles, develop compelling communication for objectives, and layout a plan to help them accomplish their God-inspired dreams. These abilities come from an extensive combination of both business and ministry experience that gives me unique and broader perspective in me consulting.

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At Generis, we are not a "cookie cutter" type of consulting firm. Every church is different, each with their own DNA and culture. The key with any of these services is for me to learn the unique DNA and culture of your church and then develop custom built strategies through the framework of that service to help you achieve the results that you desire.




On a regular basis I like to write blogs in order to share different helpful insights as well as trends I see happening in the area of generosity and giving. 

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