March 7, 2018

Most pastors go into ministry with the vision of teaching God’s Word and loving His people. It can be a tough reality to be immediately faced with lengthy discussions about parking spaces, building capacity, or raising money. And if you went to Seminary, you didn’t tak...

The IRS requires that a church, as a 501c3 organization, must send an Annual Giving Statement to everyone who makes a contribution to the church for their own records and tax filing. In most cases that Annual Giving Statement will arrive to the donor in a windowed enve...

We, at Generis, just released our 2017 Year-End Giving Guide eBook. Not only did I want to share this awesome resource with you, I wanted to also highlight why I think you need to download it now, read it and put the strategies outlined in it in practice right away.


What are churches and pastors supposed to do with good givers? When I start working with a church I usually ask, “Who are your good givers?” More often than not, the pastor will look at me and explain that he/she doesn’t know because they don’t track the giving of the...

Barna Research Group did an interesting study of people who self-identify themselves as Christians AND who also say that their religious faith is very important to them. But here is the other interesting aspect of these folks…they are dechurched and haven’t been to chu...

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March 20, 2020

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