- Alameda Church of Christ – Norman, OK – Rusty Tugman, Senior Minister
- Calvary Presbyterian Church – Raleigh, NC – Nate Wilks, Senior Pastor
- Christ the King – Raleigh, NC – Geoff Bradford, Lead Pastor
- Cornerstone Christian Church – Brownsburg, IN – Tim Hughes, Senior Minister
- Fair Haven Christian Church – Franklin, IN – Jeff Johnson, Senior Minister
- First Baptist Church of Cantonment – Cantonment, FL – Dr. Will Stone, Senior Pastor
- First Baptist Church of Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN – Evan Bever, Senior Pastor
- First United Methodist Church of Bay Minette – Bay Minette, AL – Rev. Jay Cooper, Pastor
- Foley United Methodist Church – Foley, AL – Dr. Nolan Donald, Pastor
- Grace Baptist Church – Canton, OH – Dave Ryan, Pastor
- Grace Crossing Church – Beavercreek, OH – Gil Dukeman, Lead Pastor
- LifePoint Church – Clarksville, TN – Mike Burnette, Lead Pastor
- Light of the World Tabernacle – Stockbridge, GA – Bishop Ruth Smith, Senior Pastor
- North Darien Bible Church – Darien, NY – Keith Neureuter, Senior Pastor
- North Point Christian Church – Spearfish, SD – Matt Branum, Lead Pastor
- Oasis Church – Hephzibah, GA – Wesley Weatherford, Lead Pastor
- Seymour Heights Christian Church – Seymour, TN – Dr. Harold Keck, Senior Pastor
- Shiloh Community Church – Phoenix, AZ – Jason West, Lead Pastor
- Southport Heights Christian Church – Indianapolis, IN – Steve Ferguson, Senior Minister
- Stockbridge Community Church – Stockbridge, GA – Jeff Daws, Senior Pastor
- The Cleveland Worship Center – Cleveland, GA – Marc Turner, Senior Pastor
- The Tabernacle – Clarksville, TN – Anthony Daley, Lead Pastor
- Thrive Christian Church – Westfield, IN – Graham Richards, Senior Minister
- Trinity Park Church – Morrisville, NC – Corey Jackson, Senior Pastor
- Wesley Church – Wesleyville, PA – Rev. Pamela Gardner, Pastor
- Western Avenue Baptist Church – Statesville, NC – Dr. Jeff Spry, Senior Pastor
- Wiley Church of God – Clayton, GA – Adam Wright, Lead Pastor


Our leadership at Seymour Heights Christian Church worked closely with Chris Stovall and found him to be a passionate leader who genuinely desires God’s people to cultivate a heart of generosity.  Chris brought a certain professionalism and gift-set to the table to help us challenge our congregation to become unhindered in our service, reach, and generosity. 

I personally appreciate how Chris conducted himself through our entire initiative.  He treated us as people, not clients.  He helped us think about issues related to our initiative that we would not have considered on our own. 

It was a blessing to work with Chris and I highly recommend him as a faithful servant of God who desires the local church to reach its God-given potential. 

Dr. Harold E. Keck 

Lead Pastor

Seymour Heights Christian Church


It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Chris Stovall as a Generis generosity consultant.

When the Foley United Methodist Church was introduced to Chris, they had been through several difficult years and found themselves in financial desperation. They were on pace to finish 2017 25% below their anticipated budget, and they were within eighteen months of no longer being able to pay a full-time pastor. Through our partnership with Chris and Generis, we have experienced a radical reversal of previous trends and find ourselves enjoying some of the best seasons of ministry this church has known in years.

Chris walked us through making the decision to hire Generis. He spent time on site meeting with our leaders and answering every possible question. He provided references we could talk to and meet with, and he share realistic data to help us envision what might be possible for our church. Most importantly, Chris’ heart was most focused on his work as a ministry enhancement and a way to further God’s work in and through the church. Chris never came off as a salesperson or one who was only interested in the bottom line for our church. He has always been most focused on creating space for God to move.

Since working with Chris, our church experienced a 35% increase in giving, and we were able to restructure our finances to align our budgets more fully with our ministry plans and where God is leading the church. The increase in giving has allowed us to revitalize and start ministries, hire staff members, and renovate facilities. The initiative we undertook with Generis also shifted the culture of the church from scarcity to abundance and began to challenge our people not to give to a budget but to give to God.

Leaders from the church and I frequently look back at all that has happened at Foley United Methodist Church in the last few years with amazement. God has worked and provided in ways that we could have never anticipated. One of the most tangible ways that God has worked has been through the influence of Chris Stovall and Generis. Chris’ efforts have made a tremendous difference.

If your team is ready to move into a new season, I cannot recommend working with Chris enough.

Dr. Nolan B. Donald

Lead Pastor

Foley United Methodist Church


Fair Haven Christian Church set out to challenge our people to come together and imagine what God could do within the body when generosity becomes commonplace.  Like many churches, Fair Haven has a longstanding history of generosity.  Our leadership decided that once again it was time to challenge our people to take another step in generosity.  With the help and guidance of Chris Stovall, we began the “Let’s Go!” initiative.  The purpose of “Let’s Go!” was multifaceted: money was raised to pay off debt, improve facilities and to be generous locally and abroad.  Above each of those priorities stood one overarching goal.  We wanted to have 100% participation from our church.  Chris helped us to understand the way God would be glorified and the church unified through partnering in generosity.


The benefit of working with Chris and Generis is his ability to understand the nuances of generosity within the church.  Chris offers wisdom concerning strategy, execution, communication and follow-up.  He understands the dynamics of successful initiatives and helps contextualize them within the local church.  Chris is not a “one size fits all” strategist.  He understands that each church has its own characteristics, traditions and convictions.  He works hard with the leadership to understand the church’s DNA so as to best tailor the strategies to the congregation.

Chris has helped our church adopt a “One Fund” approach which allows our ministry initiatives the freedom to expand and contract as God blesses and provides.  Chris has been a valuable resource for Fair Haven as we have led the church through “Let’s Go!”  Chris is passionate about advancing the kingdom of God.  He loves seeing people and churches transformed by the Holy Spirit through generous giving.  He is a sensitive listener and joyful encourager, infusing leaders with renewed hope in God's goodness and faithfulness.  If your church or organization is planning a campaign or generosity initiative, we at Fair Haven would strongly recommend Chris Stovall and Generis to you.

Brian Clark

Lead Minister

Fair Haven Christian Church


Chris Stovall serves as our financial consultant from the Generis Company. He is passionate about helping churches develop a strategic plan to further their God given vision. His level of professionalism is unparalleled in his field.

One thing as a pastor that I appreciate is that Chris is timely and aggressive. Timely in that every meeting counts. He has been there with every “tool in the tool kit” to win with our financial goals. He doesn’t hold meetings that are non-productive. He works aggressive in that it’s never us waiting for him. You can always tell that he has calculated our next moves often before we have.

Chris brings a unique advantage to financial consulting. As a former pastor he carries his church experience from the field to the table. Also, Chris has experience working from the banker’s chair. These two elements are crucial in developing an achievable God inspired plan.

Chris Stovall is more than a consultant. He became our next staff member. He cared more about our church than financial numbers. He has become as invested in our God given dream as we are. As a result, we are now able to fulfill our Kingdom purpose.

I am happy to recommend Chris Stovall to serve you in helping your church achieve its goals and develop a culture of generosity. He is a man with great integrity and understanding. He comes with a servant’s heart and a passion for helping the kingdom reach as far as possible. You will not be disappointed.

Adam Wright

Wiley Church


In the spring of 2015 we started interviewing companies to help us raise funds to double the size of our building and parking lot.  I will be honest, I was scared to death because of all the horror stories I had heard from other pastors.  After interviewing three other companies, someone gave us the name of another company called, Generis.  It was in that interview that we began to feel a connection to Chris.  We asked every pointed question that we could think of and he never got offended, he just gave honest answers.

We signed the contract and to my surprise, I found Chris to be more than a representative of his company. He is a person who really wanted us to succeed in what God had called us to do.  From the very beginning Chris coached me and our church every step of the way.   I was so confident when I stood before our church to communicate to them. Even more than that, when I went to sit down with people, I had confidence because Chris sat down with me and coached me as to how to challenge people to give without asking for anything.   Those home meetings were the part I dreaded the most, but they became the most rewarding.  I never left a meeting that I didn’t feel encouraged.  It was all because I was well coached.

This capital campaign has been the best thing that has happened to our church in years.  It united us in ways I could not ever have imagined.

We just celebrated our one year anniversary and with Chris continuing to coach us we have just raised $500,000 of our $1,000,000 pledged.

He said he would be with us for two years and he has.  He has worked with us just as much after we made our final payment to Generis as he did before.

If you are looking for someone to go the distance with you, Chris Stovall is your man.

Jeff Daws
Lead Pastor
Stockbridge Community Church


All visionary leaders encounter one common problem; more vision than resources. The problem even runs deeper than simply resources, it’s getting past the distrust and disappointments people have or have experienced with church leadership. It is in this environment, we are tasked to solicit partnership towards these future goals. As a result, the outcome often reinforces the already felt frustrations.

For our community, we have overcome these obstacles and are now pressing towards a future with assurance. How? Chris Stovall! Our church community partnered with Chris and Generis in a generosity initiative that has completely changed the way we do ministry in numerous ways. In addition to a brilliant strategy that takes a vision and wraps it into a life-giving message that raised the contributions in our community by 77%, we have discovered numerous other “collateral benefits” through this partnership. 1) Writing a compelling vision narrative. 2) How to communicate a compelling vision from the inside out. 3) How to team build around vision. 4) How to align your vision under a “One Fund” that allows leadership to make decisions on the needs facing the church rather than being managed by individual contributions to a specific project. 

Our ministry has experienced a shift in communicating vision and as a result, the increase in generosity is allowing us to move forward at a faster pace.

We would recommend Chris without any reservations and believe your ministry will advance with his partnership.  If you’re looking to the future, don’t make plans without including Chris in the conversation.

Pastor Anthony Daley

Senior Pastor - The Tabernacle


At the recommendation of another local pastor who had just completed a generosity initiative, we reached out to Chris Stovall in the Fall of 2016. After several conversations with Chris, we began to look at the overall generosity of our church community. What we discovered is that more than 60% of the people that attended our weekly gatherings were giving $0 to the ministry. We HAD to raise the level of generosity by doing better at sharing Godly principles and casting vision.

Enter Chris Stovall.

Taking the time to understand our community’s culture and our communication style, Chris and our leadership team set out to build a strategy and team for our generosity initiative.  What followed was the greatest experience in team building and vision rollout that we have experienced as a ministry. We have experienced an excitement and joy over generosity as people in our community now share the stories of God’s faithfulness through the application of living generously! 

So much more than the increase in generous giving in our community is the friendship and mentorship that we have found in Chris Stovall. He is certainly not our generosity consultant. He essentially is part of our staff, our friend, a leader & confidante in our community, and basically like a member of our church.

I personally challenge you to take a look at the giving trends in your community. If you are like us with over 60% of your community not giving, then start a conversation with Chris. You won’t regret it!

Joe Mendes
Executive Director
The Tabernacle


In the Spring of 2016 we shopped around to look at the options for a ministry partner to come in and help us. We were looking to build a new facility for our church and preschool, and we needed an expert to come alongside and help us in this step of faith.

We chose Chris Stovall from Generis, and we are delighted that we did!

After hearing our story and understanding what God was calling us to do, Chris helped us build a team and implement a strategy to get us where we needed to go.

At the time of writing we are in the midst of a two year generosity initiative and the results so far have been enormously encouraging. We just had the biggest financial year we’ve had in a long time. Our people are grasping hold of the life that is truly life and moving into generosity. It feels like we are at the start of a new and exciting chapter and our new facility is on course to open this summer.

From the outset of his work with us Chris explained everything thoroughly so that each member of the team knew what they were supposed to be doing. Having helped unleash a significant effort, Chris has stayed in touch throughout to coach and encourage, and hold us accountable to keep pressing on.

Chris Stovall is fun to work with and knowledgeable in his field. If you are looking to grow a culture of generosity in your church I’m confident that he will be able to help you.

Graham Richards

Senior Pastor

Thrive Christian Church


With a church heritage dating back over 67 years, our ministry found itself at a critical crossroads.   The question was, do we take the road of complacency and remanence on yesterday’s blessings and revivals, or do we follow the road of faith and step out and do something that is greater and bigger than who we are?   Thank God, we chose the latter.

But there was a problem, I as a pastor had taken the church as far as I could based on my experience with generosity and church growth.   I had met Chris Stovall from Generis a year or so before and I researched their ministry and how they could help encourage our church to go to the next level.

Chris came in, almost like an added staff member, and he helped our church develop an initiative team where we established some goals and implemented a strategy that best fit our ministry and future.  The initiative wasn’t about money; it was about cultivating a heart of generosity that encouraged our church family to give of their time, talent and treasure. 

We are currently celebrating our 1-year anniversary of the 24-month initiative and I can honestly say that we have experienced our greatest year ever.  Our church has taken on growth in people and finances, and our quality of discipleship and outreach is the best it has ever been.  We have broken ground on a brand-new ministry site and our phase 1 ministry building will be open this fall. 

Chris brings many assets to the table.  He is a veteran when it comes to ministry but he also has a deep level of experience in the business world.  He has walked beside me as a friend, mentor and accountability partner.  I would recommend Chris to any church or pastor, regardless of what your need may be.  I am confident that he can help you.

Marc Turner

Senior Pastor

The Cleveland Worship Center


In the Winter of 2015 we began to look at how we were going to build a new church facility.  We knew the project was going to be big and it was going to take a congregation who was dedicated, committed and generous.

We began to pray about having a company to come in and help us with a “Building Campaign”.  Through a lot of prayer and I believe an answer to prayer, a church member who had a high school friend working for Generis was sharing our story with him, and in turn we were introduced to Chris Stovall.

After meeting with us and touring our current facility, sitting with us and listening to our story and the vision that God had given for our church.  Chris shared with us a plan for us to follow.  The leadership at First Baptist Church Cantonment felt very comfortable with Chris and felt that he really cared about our church and the great plan God had given us.

Chris got to know me as a pastor, met with the staff and leaders, worshipped with our congregation, and studied our attendance and giving, all to get to know who we were.  In order to help achieve our goal. 

Chris walked us through the process of forming our teams and implementing not a “Building Campaign,” but a “Generosity Initiative” that would cultivate not only a spirit of generous giving in our congregation for our current building needs but a generosity that would impact our ministries for years to come.

At the time of writing we have just celebrated our first year anniversary of our two year EXCEL Generosity Initiative.  It has been exciting to see what God is doing in the lives of our congregation and how their generosity has increased.  We have hired our design and build team and are currently working on our building plans 

From the first time I met with Chris, he has been attentive to our needs and God’s call on our congregation.  Chris has stayed in touch through visits, video calls and phone calls.  He has been an encourager and friend to myself, our team and our congregation.  

Chris Stovall is a great man of God and a great person to work with.  If you are looking to grow the generosity of your church.  I would recommend Christ Stovall

Dr. Will Stone

Senior Pastor

First Baptist Church Cantonment





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