• Chris Stovall - Generosity Consultant with GENERIS

The Shepherd needs to be Enough

"The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need." Psalm 23:1

The whole context of Psalm 23 is that God is the shepherd and the psalmist is one of His sheep. As the verses unfold there is this intertwining of two truths. God is a protector…God is a provider. In verse 1 here there is a choice and a truth based on that choice.

It is important that we notice the sheep say, “I accept and gladly receive that the Lord is my shepherd.” The choice isn’t maybe what you thought it was going to be. The choice isn’t whether the sheep belongs to the shepherd, there’s nothing the sheep can do about that. However, the sheep chooses to accept this truth versus rebel against this truth. Too many people, both believers and non-believers, don’t realize they are sheep belonging to God. You’re a sheep brought into this world by God and there isn’t any resistance or rebellion that is going to change that truth. However, there is a blessing that comes to those who choose to embrace this truth.

The blessing is that the sheep wants for nothing. For the sheep who realize that the shepherd is all they need, there is a freedom and peace that comes into their lives that passes all understanding. Too often we think if we have more money, then we will have all we need. We think if we can just get to this position in my company or my industry, then we will have all we need. We think if we can just have this one relationship in our lives, then we will have all we need. In short…that is idolatry. There is nothing wrong with having ambition for those things, but you don’t need them. The only thing you need is to realize you are a sheep and all you need is the Shepherd.

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