In each of the services described below there is one common goal is to combine Biblical principles of financial stewardship with your vision in order to help you achieve the goals you have for your church.


What happens when your vision and your need to raise significant funds in a relatively short amount of time doesn't fit into the traditional capital campaign paradigm? Maybe your church is be growing faster than you’ve been able to keep up, and you desperately need funding to hire more staff and to expand along with space and equipment. Maybe you need to pay off debt but you don’t want to do a campaign based on nothing more than reducing debt.

One way to do this is with the One Fund initiative. With a One Fund the imperative purpose is to teach the congregation, in general, to give. From those who have never given before to those who regularly donate. It teaches the giver the fundamental principles of being generous, and that principle by and large transfers beyond the giving initiative. The One Fund is a way to categorize all raised funds to the general fund. If you need to raise your giving in general and/or you have a number of needs that are all outside of your general budget, the One Fund approach might be for you.


If you have a God-given vision for your church that involves a major capital expenditure in order to reach your community then a Capital Driven Generosity Initiative may be for you. You aren’t afraid to dream big dreams like construction of a building, purchasing land or a major remodel...but in any or all of those scenarios the reality is that it’s going to take significant expanded giving and resources to support that vision.

Even though in a Capital Driven Generosity Initiative the focus tends to fall on the “bricks & sticks” it is possible to craft your initiative in such a way that the priority is in growing people spiritually in the area of generosity. If you are in a church that is trying to reach your community for Christ, then the truth is that vision will always exceeds finances. But if we can work ahead and through the expenditure(s) of your God-inspired, then we can help you bring together the finances to support your vision and thus making it a reality. And help you grow the culture of generosity within your church at the same time.


Some churches I work with either aren't ready or don't want to do a generosity initiative but they want to grow the culture of generosity in their church. In those cases we enter into a monthly generosity coaching relationship. In some cases I'm working with a newly developed generosity or stewardship ministry/team in the church. In other cases I work with the staff or sometimes just the pastor in this coaching relationship. In both situations we layout goals which are developed through various different conversations and analysis. Once the goals are developed we then put together a strategic timeline that I coach them through.


From time to time, it can be extremely helpful for a church to analyze the giving habits and overall giving climate in order to see what is currently working as well as where there might be opportunities for improvement.

The Generosity Audit is a one-day experience that provides a thorough assessment of your church’s effectiveness and reveals new opportunities for creating a culture of generosity. Think of it like an x-ray into the giving perspective of the church. My job is to discover what things are causing generosity to grow as well as what might be inhibiting that growth. This experience includes the collecting and analyzing of historical giving data prior to the audit, meeting onsite with senior leadership and “perspective groups” and providing written recommendations after the visit.


Some churches find themselves in a position where they just don’t know if they’re ready to pull the trigger on a generosity initiative or not. You would hate to go to the larger expense of committing to a full-blown campaign to then find out that maybe you should have waited

In a Strategic Planning Day we spend a day discussing, strategizing and planning out what a generosity initiative would look like for you. Through this effort you can get a custom built picture of what a generosity initiative would look like for you while at the same time gaining a much clearer picture of whether you’re ready or not. The advantage of doing something like this is that the fee for a Strategic Planning Day is a fraction of the cost of a generosity initiative.





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