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  Group Coaching Labs are a series of online coaching sessions that I do on generosity, strategic vision, and church growth topics. Sometimes I will do these by myself and sometimes I will invite another guest to join me in these. These will be 100% virtual and the structure is meant to make receiving coaching on directed topics convenient and at a very affordable price. I'm getting everything lined up now, but very soon you will be able to click a link and choose from an array labs that I think will be a blessing to you and your church or organization. 

Generis created the One Fund generosity initiative with givers in mind. We’ve utilized this approach with over 300 churches and have seen it not only accelerate giving towards the area(s) of the church that needs expanded funding right now, but also grow givers long term in their understanding and exercising of giving year-to-year as well.

In a traditional campaign, givers are encouraged to give “over and above” their regular giving. While many givers certainly do this, there are some people who give to the campaign in place of their regular giving. Additionally, the members of the congregation who aren’t giving regularly (or even at all) generally exclude themselves from giving to a specific project, assuming it is being directed towards the people who currently give something. “Over and above what?” is what they’ll say. The One Fund approach invites everyone in to give, whether they currently give something or currently give nothing, and encourages them to grow in the totality of their generosity to the church – including both their current giving as well as expanded giving in this accelerated season.

Because of its holistic approach to giving (giving that isn’t parsed out between different funds), the one fund approach allows you to teach biblical discipleship from the ground up – both existing givers and new – and to match what they are learning biblically with how you are asking them to respond practically instead of dividing it confusingly between funds.

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From time to time, it can be extremely helpful to analyze the habits of your overall giving climate to see what is currently working as well as where opportunities for a culture of generosity to increase might exist.


A 360 degree Generosity Assessment provides a thorough assessment of your church’s effectiveness and reveals new opportunities for creating a culture of generosity. Think of it like an x-ray into the giving perspective of the church. I'm looking to discover what things are causing generosity to grow as well as what might be inhibiting that growth. The experience includes the collecting and analyzing of historical giving data prior to the audit, meeting with senior leadership, surveying various “perspective groups,” and digging into all standard operating procedures connected to giving.

At the end of this process I submit a full 360 degree Generosity Assessment Report. Many clients will springboard from this report into a Generosity Coaching relationship with me or sometimes contract with me on an ongoing relationship through a Your Generosity Pastor relationship.

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Your Annual Stewardship Campaign is a key piece of setting your operating budget for the next year in place while also attempting to grow your culture of generosity. We have developed three powerful and distinct campaigns that you could choose from. All three bring a focus on accelerating and resourcing the God-inspired vision of your church.  Each approach has a particular emphasis that will dictate which one you choose to do first.
ENTER IN - Based out of the Parable of the Three Servants in Matthew 25:14-30, Enter In…is an invitation for the church to catch a vision of what more can be accomplished if they unite themselves and embrace the opportunity to be a faithful servant.
BE RENEWED - Living a generous life and giving generously are directly tied to the health of a person’s relationship with God. Be Renewed is designed to be a journey to allow each person in your church to look toward the next season of ministry with a renewed God-inspired vision.
WILL YOU GROW? - Will You Grow bases itself on the philosophy that faith is more important than finances and the quality of the gift is more important than the quantity of the gift.

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Annual Stewardship Campaign at your church...
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Maybe your church is growing faster than you can keep up with and you desperately need funding to hire more staff and/or expand with space and equipment. Maybe you’ve been paying off a debt on your building and you need something to supplement the rest of the way to get you to the finish line allowing you to move on to greater opportunities. Whatever the reason, it can be daunting to think about doing a Capital Campaign and raising money for your dreams. But the truth is that while vision always exceeds finances, the finances to support your vision are within your grasp. 

We know and understand the tools and practices to bring about the best results for a Capital Campaign. The key in this is to combine Biblical principles of financial stewardship, your vision, and the best execution of a Capital Campaign so as to achieve the goals you have for your church.

In this day and time most churches do not have the manpower or time to maintain the responsibilities in leading a church as well as running a Capital Campaign. Instead of trying to split your already depleted energies between two huge responsibilities, I would like to come alongside you and assist with the fundraising side.

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Imagine your church as a passionate community of committed givers who consistently propel your God-inspired vision forward. Achieving that goal requires leadership which weaves stewardship and generosity into the very fabric of your ministry. It requires constant application of the Biblical principles of discipleship and transformation in harmony with the practical expressions of vision and impact. Your Generosity Pastor by Generis is a genuine and powerful way to make this a reality for your ministry. By embedding a skilled Generis expert in your team, you can move beyond the often discouraging “how do we pay for this” conversation to a place where the voice of stewardship and generosity permeates every conversation you have and every decision you make to achieve your unique calling.
​Think of the role as something like a Chief Generosity Officer – encourage big vision and then help the church find the resources to fund it. Your Generosity Pastor will be the voice at the executive leadership table to represent stewardship and generosity throughout the church. In other words, how do we generate the funding to match up with our vision?
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  • Are you ready to do a One Fund or Capital Campaign?

  • Is there some way that we could see what this whole generosity initiative
       would look like before we commit to some big contract?

  • Could we just do this whole by ourselves?

A One Say Strategy Session is both the solution and will help you answer these questions and so much more. Many churches aren't sure if they want to do a One Fund or Capital Campaign or not. The One Day Strategy Session is where I come in and meet with your leadership and outline from top to bottom what it will take for you to execute a generosity initiative. 

Prior to me coming onsite for the One Day Strategy Session, I will collect, analyze, and draw initial assessments as to your readiness to do a generosity initiative from information you will send me. The key to this strategy for churches is that the fee to do a One Day Strategy Session is significantly less than the fee for a full generosity initiative. Therefore, you are able to assess your readiness and learn more about what a generosity initiative will require of you before you commit to the larger fee. 

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