Why You Need to Download Our 2017 Year-End Giving Guide…Right Now!!!

We, at Generis, just released our 2017 Year-End Giving Guide eBook. Not only did I want to share this awesome resource with you, I wanted to also highlight why I think you need to download it now, read it and put the strategies outlined in it in practice right away.


Year-end giving is an important part of an overall stewardship strategy. In the churches I work with, I hear them talk about year-end giving as a real blessing and it certainly is that. What concerns me though is the lack of intentionality and a strategy to maximize this blessing. The 2017 Year-End Giving Guide gives you the components you need to develop a custom-fit plan and strategy for your church that will greater maximize your year-end giving. In order to reinforce the importance of this resource, I have listed below 3 benefits/reasons why you need to download this eBook and put it in place for 2017.  


1. Take Advantage of the Seasonal Alignment for Year-End Giving


There are many things that converge at the end of each year that line up to promote generosity. Occupationally, many people will receive holiday bonuses, performance bonuses and year-end bonuses. At the same time, some are find themselves in a tax situation where they can either give it to charity or give it to the IRS. In light of that situation, many of these folks will seize the last opportunity they will have for that tax year to make a charitable contribution in order to offset that reality. And let us not forget what Thanksgiving and Christmas add to the mix. I can hear Andy Williams singing, “It's the most wonderful time of the year…” If there is a time of year that people are going to be in a giving mood, it is during the year-end holidays.


No other time during the year do so many things like these align to present such an incredible opportunity to invite people to invest in the Kingdom work.

“For a small percentage, a significant amount of income is tied to year-end bonuses and profit sharing. People often treat giving from this additional income as free agent giving. In other words, they see this as opportunity to give to an organization or cause outside of their normal giving patterns.”

GENERIS 2017 Year-End Giving Guide

2. Make Your Church a Viable Option for Year-End Giving


In today’s world, the church isn’t necessarily the default choice for charitable giving anymore. There are many different groups and organizations that are vying for this year-end giving. A church would be wise to not just assume that this year-end giving is going to come their way, but intentionally set herself up as a very compelling option to receive this giving.

“Too often, church leaders assume their congregation will automatically consider the church as an option for year-end tax-planning gifts. This assumption is valid only if the church consistently executes an effective year-end strategy. Givers will assume the church has no financial need if there is no clear and intentional communication regarding a special year-end giving opportunity. However, if you communicate appropriately and unapologetically, the church then becomes a viable year-end giving option in the mind of the donor.”

GENERIS 2017 Year-End Giving Guide

3. Give Your Church Something Tangible to Rally Around with their Year-End Giving


The 2017 Year-End Giving Guide outlines how to develop and execute a project driven strategy for your church in their year-end giving. A project-driven strategy for year-end giving provides you more to talk about than giving for the sake of year-end giving. Givers want to make a difference in the life of someone else and a project-oriented strategy presents that opportunity in a tangible way. This resource helps you answer the following questions…What components should make up your project focus that would resonate with the people in your church? How many different components should there be in your project? How do the components of this project accentuate and highlight the ministry(s) of your church?

“This type of project is a catalyst for an easy-to-understand conversation about the value and impact of generosity. It is a very natural on-ramp to giving and provides a great opportunity for your church’s members and attenders to invest in the mission and vision of the church. Year-end projects can serve as the perfect laboratory, giving you and your leadership a very safe and low-risk platform to communicate mission and vision and to challenge people to get involved.”

GENERIS 2017 Year-End Giving Guide

So, what are you waiting on? Download this awesome resource…right now!

Click Here to download this eBook. I submit these articles and ideas to you in order to add value to the work you’re doing in your local church. If you would like to talk about this or other ideas to grow you culture of generosity please email me. Keep me in mind if you’re looking for coaching or a consultant in the area of giving and/or a generosity campaign/initiative. If you don’t already I would also really appreciate if you would follow me on Twitter at @cstovall16 or on my Generis Facebook page.

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