Don't Send Out Another Boring and Uninspiring Annual Giving Statement to Your Congregation This Year


The IRS requires that a church, as a 501c3 organization, must send an Annual Giving Statement to everyone who makes a contribution to the church for their own records and tax filing. In most cases that Annual Giving Statement will arrive to the donor in a windowed envelope with their address showing through from the salutation section of the Annual Giving Statement itself. It basically looks like a bill and has about the same amount of warmth and feeling. Some churches will try and warm-up this with a cover letter that says something like…


Dear xxxxxxx,


Thank you for your faithful contributions to XYZ Church. Enclosed is your official 2017 Statement of Giving for your records. If there are any questions or problems, please contact us here at the church office.


I’m asking, okay I’m begging, don’t do the Annual Giving Statement to the givers in your church this way!


There’s a much better way to do this and all you have to do is download an eBook from me to find out how. At Generis we just released the latest version of our Annual Giving Statements eBook. The annual giving statement represents an incredible opportunity to inspire and inform your givers, but too many churches and organizations just let that opportunity slip right through their fingers.


Within this resource we will give you the following:


1. Tips on Enhancing the Mailing of this Annual Giving Statement

2. Tips on Writing the Cover Letter for the Annual Giving Statement including Suggestions on Content

3. How to Incorporate Video with your Annual Giving Statement

4. How to Incorporate your Annual Giving Statement into your In-Service Announcements and Social Media

5. How to use Visually Appealing Graphics to Enhance the Annual Giving Statements


Just CLICK HERE to download your free copy.

When you click to download this eBook you will be asked to input information in order to get this resource. Don’t worry, your download and information will get pointed back to me because this link is specifically assigned to me.


Here’s the added bonus…if you download this resource from my page on the Generis website, I will offer a free Annual Giving Statement Coaching Session. Just email me or call me (404.578.5301) and let me know if you want to do this. From there we can decide the best way for us to facilitate and maximize the benefit of this session for you. My goal is that we can make this year’s Annual Giving Statement the best you’ve ever sent out to your congregation!

I submit these articles and ideas to you in order to add value to the work you’re doing in your local church. If you would like to talk about this or other ideas to grow you culture of generosity please email me. Keep me in mind if you’re looking for coaching or a consultant in the area of giving and/or a generosity campaign/initiative. If you don’t already I would also really appreciate if you would follow me on Twitter at @cstovall16 or on my Generis Facebook page. You can also checkout my personal website.






















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