The Secret Ingredient for Effective Small Groups


"In my opinion, there are churches who would be better off NOT having small groups than having the groups they are currently offering."  -- Kristin Fry - Director of Group Strategy at Generis


Wow…now that is a bold statement. Kristin made this bold statement in her session during the 2019 Candor Conference. Do yourself a favor and watch her 10-minute session by clicking here. As the Director of Group Strategy at Generis, Kristin guides churches in effective small group strategies.


Kristin points to the importance of the small group leader and helping us understand that they are pastors of your church. She insists that the church’s small groups ministry will have a “brand” or perception that is defined by the Pastor. In my work with churches I always want small group leaders included early on in the launch of a generosity initiative because of the importance of their influence. Whom you place in this role matters as you’re asking them to craft the spiritual development of the sheep in that small group.


It is imperative for the Pastor to lead the charge in the “buy in” for small groups by being an active participant in the ministry, selecting good leaders and investing in the leadership development. Kristin says, “The quality of your groups ministry is dependent upon the quality of your group leaders. The group’s experience will rise and fall on the strength of your leaders.” Leaders need to have clarity on what is defined by the Pastor as the goal or “win” for the group experience outcome.


Once leaders are chosen, there should be a plan for ongoing training for them. Training does not stop when the group begins. The importance of this ministry should be reflected by the investment in it. The active participation of the church staff in the ministry and the designation of budget dollars to the ministry is imperative to an effective small group ministry at any church.


Small groups matter – God has a way of using small groups to change people’s lives.

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March 20, 2020

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